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Patrick Dreuning – Photography

PHOTO Posted on Mon, July 31, 2017 21:37:09

Patrick Dreuning – Photography –

Chernobyl vehicle graveyard

PHOTO Posted on Sun, January 10, 2016 11:40:44

Vector Them_remixeD_by bankporTers_

PHOTO Posted on Sat, September 29, 2012 20:35:52

La Le Lu Electronic Ambient MIX Deutsch

PHOTO Posted on Sat, October 01, 2011 23:21:52



PHOTO Posted on Thu, May 27, 2010 19:55:02

Hologlyphics combines elements of holography, music, video synthesis, visionary film, sculpture and improvisation to create a unique new artform.

The Hologlyphic Funkalizer is a performance based video synthesis system, that displays moving true 3D images, intertwined with music and spatial sound. It projects Glyphs, Hyper-Dimensional Chaos, Hyper-Dimensional Sacred Geometry, and Crop Spheres that animate and spatially transform into each other, controlled by unique sound sculptures, musical keyboards, and a control panel.